Parna SA


We have been active in the consumer electronics sector since 2002, when we first introduced and developed the Tivoli Audio brand in the Swiss market. We are located in Balerna, Ticino, in an old factory renovated and transformed into comfortable and stylish offices. From this strategic location we can cover the whole of the territory of Switzerland.
Our passion and mission is to find new and prestigious brands that meet the changing needs of today’s lifestyle. Parna SA brings to Switzerland brands of integrated sound systems, home entertainment and wearable technology that meld innovation and technological excellence with high performance.
Through constant and meticulous work, Parna SA handpicks companies to transform their products into objects of desire with a cult following. Parna SA selects products that do not require exhaustive study of instruction manuals, and that have a high-quality finish, always look great, and genuinely meet the practical needs of the destined users.



  • David Gubbay General Manager and director of sales
  • Barbara Riccio Assistant and office manager
  • Rainer Paierl Sales manager for German part
  • Ilia Mouruzidis General consultant
  • Massimo cattaneo Electronic technician



DSV is our preferred logistic partner with a warehouse of more than 20’000 squared meters, offers the right flexibility and efficiency DPD is our partner for small and quick deliveries.


Our public relation is managed by Flowcube communication AG in Zurich. Flowcube is an owner-operated PR agency which focuses on the fields of lifestyle, interior design, fashion hospitality, retail and real estate.